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200mv diode laser liposuction equipment 8 paddles cavitation rf vacuum machine

Zuverlässige Lieferanten. Ich bekam ein tolles Ergebnis aus dem IPL-Gerät. Ihre Maschine bringen uns viel Geld jeden Monat. Ich würde gerne Ihre Diodenlaser Haar rem versuchen.

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200mv diode laser liposuction equipment 8 paddles cavitation rf vacuum machine

Großes Bild :  200mv diode laser liposuction equipment 8 paddles cavitation rf vacuum machine


Herkunftsort: China
Markenname: MB
Zertifizierung: CE.ISO13585.ISO9001.CFS. C/O
Modellnummer: MB650plus

Zahlung und Versand AGB:

Min Bestellmenge: 1
Verpackung Informationen: Aluminum-Paket
Lieferzeit: innerhalb 3days nach bestätigen Zahlung
Zahlungsbedingungen: T / T im Voraus
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 800units/month
Ausführliche Produkt-Beschreibung
Funktion: Gewicht-Verlust lipo Laser + CAVITATION+RF+VACUUM: 6 Laser-PADDEL + 4 Griffe 8 Laser-Paddel +4 Griffe
Max. Leistungsaufnahme: 200w Wellenlänge: 650nm ±10nm
Laser schaufelt Quantitäten: 6 Laser-Paddel und 8 Laser-Paddel für Ihre Wahl (jede große Paddel mit Laser mit 8 Dioden) Diodencharakter: Import-Mitsubishi-Diode von Japan. Energie 100mw
Kavitation Frequenz: 40KHz, 0 zum Standard 50W. 0 zu 100W für Wahl RF-Frequenz: 6MHZ. 10MHZ für Ihre Wahl
Vakuumdruck: 1000kpa

200mv diode laser liposuction equipment 8 paddles cavitation rf vacuum machine


Detailed Product Description


About Lipo Laser

new generation lipo laser with combination of cavitation /tripolar rf /vacuum, 8 paddles lipo laser.


The most effective low level laser smartlipo newest lymph drainage laser slimming machine with weight loss and body contouring without pain, needles and down time.


Low levels of diode laser energy emitted by LumiSlim stimulate the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The cells lose their round shape, and intracellular fat is released. Then the fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the body’s natural metabolic functions with no harmful physiological effects, to be used as an energy source for the body. This process does not alter neighboring structures such as the skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. It is not merely the liquefaction of fat but instead it is the instant breakdown of the fat cells, otherwise known as lipolysis.



Ultrasonic cavitation head: burning fat cell , explode fat cell ;
Vacuum liposuction head: slimming , remove surplus fat cell ;
Tripolar RF and 6-POLAR head: skin tightening , skin lifting , wrinkle removal on face and body with big and small treatment head



•Immediate Results

•Completely Safe

•No Starvation Diets

•Long last & natural results.

•Pain free treatment.

•No consumables or disposals.

•no need professional operator .

The newest technology combine lipo laser and caviatation work at the same time, lipo laser and tripolar rf work at the same time.


Technical Specification

Display 8.4 inch touch display
lipo laser + CAVITATION+RF+VACUUM 8 laser paddles +4 handles
Lipo laser part
Max. power consumption 400w
Wavelength 650nm±10nm
Laser paddles quantities 8 laser paddles (6 big pads, 2 small lymph drainage pads)
Diode character Import Mitsubishi diode from Japan. 100mw power
Cavitation rf vacuum part
Cavitation frequency 40KHz , 0 to 50W
RF frequency 6MHZ
Vacuum Pressure 1000kpa
Pack size 66*51*56CM
Package include 1.Main Machine X 1

2.Cavitation Handle X 1

3.tripolar rf handle X1

4.Multi-polar rf Handle X 1

5.vacuum handle

6.lipo laser paddles x 6 or 8

7.holder for lipo laser and cavitation x2

8.Protective Goggles X 2

9.English manual/instructions, CD

10.power core : USA. Europe etc.



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